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Hand Warming Duo Pet Carrier Bag

Hand Warming Duo Pet Carrier Bag

Made for Small Cat or Dogs Use as backpack for outdoor travel, or  front hanging chest bag that also serves as hand warmer.


This pet backpack has a very special widened velvet design, you can easily adjust the buckle, the force is quite uniform, it is easy to for a long time, and it is convenient to take your pet out.
This pet backpack is made of extremely high-quality plush fabric, clean, not easy to stick to hair, and beautiful. And the fabric is quite stable and breathable, allowing your pet to stay comfortable but not hot inside.
And it has a double pocket design, which is convenient for you to warm your hands while taking your pet out.Applicable weight 4-10 catties.
This pet backpack is very soft and comfortable, with a special design as cute as your pet. You can carry it on your back chest when you are out, or you can be a warm pet nest at home.
You can bring your pets when you are hiking, traveling, shopping, cycling, or going out. Very convenient.

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