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Hemp Calming Treats for Cats

Hemp Calming Treats for Cats

If you're in need of a natural solution to help your kitty feel less anxious, look no further than Hemp Calming Treats for Cats from Pets Inc Store! These delicious bite-sized treats are enriched with hemp extract which can help to decrease unwanted behaviors such as spraying, scratching, biting, and shivering. Not only can you rest assured your kitty is less stressed but also that Hemp Calming Treats for Cats support all round health! They help maintain healthy hair, skin and nails, support bone and muscle function, and promote healthy heart and brain health. Give your kitty a calmer, happier life with Hemp Calming Treats for Cats!

Advanced Calming Support: Our calming cat treats help decrease unwanted behaviors like spraying, scratching, biting, shivering. Tasty chews support the pet's peaceful and relaxed disposition.

Helps Maintain Relaxation: cat hemp calming chews for cats help alleviate feline tension during frustrating events such as storms, grooming, traveling, vet visits. Our chews help keep your cat calm & peaceful.

Powerful ingredients: calming bites for cats contain hemp for cats & l-theanine to help maintain composure & better sleep. These ingredients work together to help your cat remain relaxed without discomfort.

Optimal Health Support: besides their soothing effect, our natural anxiety relief for cats support bone and muscle function, heart & brain health, and help maintain healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Tasty Cat Supplement: soft hemp cat treats have a tasty chicken flavor that cats will eat and enjoy. Our palatable cat treats without grain, wheat, or sugar help naturally alleviate pet worries and keep a joyful state.

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