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Calming Collar for Dogs (3 pack)

Calming Collar for Dogs (3 pack)

Introducing the Calming Dog Collar from Pets Inc store – the perfect solution for dogs facing stress or fear caused by everything from heat, noise, or travel to fireworks or unfamiliar environments. This fast-acting collar, infused with calming pheromones, will effectively alleviate unwanted behaviors associated with these circumstances for up to 60 days. By providing your pup with a sense of security when all the outside chaos proves too much for them, the calming collar ensures your dog is soothed and secure no matter what life throws at them. Buy yours today from Pets Inc Store and let your furry friend enjoy a tranquil life!



TAKING EFFECT QUICKLY: Calming collar for dogs works within 1 hour and continue to provide calming pheromones for up to 60 days,and it could be worn 24/7, effectively reducing dog anxiety relief and stress while encouraging positive behaviors.

ON THE GO CALMING: Provides calming pheromone for your dogs on the go that travels with your dog whether they go indoors or out.

CONTINOUS COMFORT: Calming dog collars can effectively alleviate bad behaviors from fearing or stressing caused by heat, noise, traffic, travel, veterinary visits, pet solitude, fireworks, thunderstorms, separation anxiety, and unfamiliar new environments.

ONE SIZE FITS ALL Dogs: Dog calm collar is very flexible and comfortable to wear and features a flexible and adjustable design to ensure it provides the perfect fit for any type almost all weights and sizes of dog and puppy.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Dog Pheromone Calming collar contains Natural plant's essential oils (Without harmful ingredient citronella oil) which helps relieve dog's tension and anxiety. Hypoallergenic, and not addictive, help They relax and eliminate aggressiveness.

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