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Calming Collar for Cats

Calming Collar for Cats

The Calming Cat Collar from Pets Inc is revolutionizing pet care. This breakthrough product provides 30 days of continuous sedation, at a fast working rate. It effectively soothes cats who experience stress and anxiety while keeping them safe and comfortable. With this amazing collar your pet can enjoy a calmer more relaxed lifestyle without feeling overloaded or overwhelmed. The Calming Cat Collar is the perfect answer to the need for quick and reliable relief. Get it now from Pets Inc Store, and see the difference for yourself!

[High cost performance and high quality] 4 individually packaged calming collar in the same beautiful box, calming collar cats releases cat pheromone within an hour, the cat anxiety collar effect can last for 30 days. Calm collar cat soothes kittens by imitating the way mothers release natural lactation pheromone, put on cat calm collar, comfortable cat stress collars will release cat pheromone activated by body temperature, pheromone can relieve cat's stress , anxiety and fear.

[30 days continuous sedation] Cat calming collar can mimic the release of pheromone from parent calming collar cat for up to 30 days, cat calm collar provides superior and longer lasting pheromone release. Calming collar for cats is suitable for continuous wearing and is replaced every four weeks. Calm collar for cats keeps cats emotionally stable for a long time. Calming collar is waterproof, no need to remove the sedative collar in the rain or in the shower.

[Quickly Improve Bad Behavior] Pheromone cat collar can quickly and effectively relieve the cat's fear, anxiety and stress caused by visiting the veterinarian, thunderstorms, unfamiliar environments, pet loneliness, fireworks, separation anxiety, high temperature, noise, traffic, travel, etc. Cat calming collars will be worn for an hour Start working within to calm and soothe your cat's emotions. Cat calming collar for anxiety helps your cat settle into a new environment quickly.

[Safe and easy to carry] Cat calming collars uses safe and harmless TPE material, pheromone uses natural lavender and chamomile essential oils, does not contain harmful ingredients of citronella, can activate the released calming cat collars through body temperature, let cat anxiety collar be used for a long time. Cat stress collars is suitable for cats of all ages , calm collar cat relieves the stress and anxiety cats feel from their external environment helps cats overcome environments.

[Calming cat collars Flexible Adjustable Size] Cat stress collars size is 15 inches (38 cm). Pheromone cat collar size is flexible and can be adjusted arbitrarily. Calming cat collars can choose the appropriate length according to the size of the cat, cut off the cat anxiety collar excess length. Cat pheromone collar is suitable for cats of all weights and almost any size, providing cats with comfortable calm collar for cats, reducing the discomfort when the cat wears it for the first time.

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